Organisasi yang memiliki tujuan berusaha meredakan ketegangan antara blok barat dan blok timur menuju perdamaian dan keamanan dunia adalah?

Baca Juga :  The following text is for question number…to… One day, a thirsty mouse deer stopped at a river. Without thinking of the danger, he got down in the water and drank greedily. He didn’t realize that a crocodile was inspecting him. When he was careless, the crocodile bit his leg. The mouse deer was afraid, but calmly said to the crocodile,”You will get diarrhea if you eat me by yourself. I should be eaten at least by thirty crocodiles.” “So, what should i do?”ask the crocodile. The mouse deer said,”Go find your friends. Thirty crocodiles! Hurry up”.The crocodile swam speedily to find his friends. After thirty crocodiles to stay in line on the river so he could count them easily. Then, the mouse deer counted them by jumping from one crocodile to the other. One …two.three.and hop! The mouse deer jumped on the other side of the river and said “Goodbye crocodiles.Find your own meal!” Why could the crocodile bite mouse deer’s leg?