Pubertas pada anak perempuan terjadi pada usia?

Baca Juga :  Once upon a time, there was a little drought. The rains had not come that year and the crops were doing very badly. Without much food and water, all of the animals were very hot, very thirsty and very hungry. It just so happened that there was a field, and in the middle of this field was one large pear tree full of the juiciest pears you ever did see. They were big and yellow and just waiting to be picked. Unfortunately, at the base of this tree was a very mean tiger. The tiger was greedy and selfish, and refused to let anyone approach the tree. He would sit all day in the shade of the pear tree and growl at anyone who came too close. Eventually, a rabbit happened by and heard what was going on. “Oh, Rabbit, what are we going?” wailed the animals. “Tiger is so mean and won’t share the juicy pears! Oh, we are so hungry and thirsty!” Rabbit thought about this and being such a clever a clever animal, he immediately devised a plan. “Come close, come close. Listen to me and I will tell you what to do.” The next morning all of the animals secretly gathered in the forest near the field where tiger was sleeping. All of the animals who lived on the ground, like Turtle, Elephant, Ox and Donkey, stood near big hollow logs. All of the monkeys and birds who lived in the trees quietly sat in the branches and waited for rabbit to arrive. Soon Rabbit did show up, carrying a large, thick rope. He ran across the field and made a lot of noise. “Oh, my! Oh, my!” he shouted. Tiger sleepily opened an eye and growled, “Why are you making so much noise, Rabbit? Can’t you see I am sleeping?” “Tiger! You must run! A big wind is coming that will blow everyone off the earth!” Just at that moment, the animals hidden in the forest began to make a great racket. Eagle and Stork and Owl and all the rest of the birds flapped their wings, causing the leaves to shake and twist. Elephant, Ox, Otter, Crocodile and all of the animals on the ground beat on the hollow logs and smacked the trees. They scurried around in the brush and altogether set the entire forest to swinging and swaying like it was the end of the world! Tiger was terrified! “What do I do?!” What do I do?!” he screamed. “You must run,” Rabbit said. “I cannot help you now. I have to tie the other animals down with this rope so that they do not fly off of the earth!” “You must tie me down! Tiger demanded. Rabbit shook his head, “But I must go help the other animals or they will all blow away! You are big and strong. You have a very good chance of escaping alive!” “No!” Tiger roared. “You must tie me up now!” “Very well,” Rabbit sighed. “I will tie you up now.” And so he tied Tiger to a tree on the edge of the field. He tied the rope tight, but Tiger kept shouting, “Tighter, Tighter! I don’t want to be blown of the earth!” When he was done, Rabbit stepped back and called for the other animals to come out of the forest. “Look here,” he said out loud. “Look here at the one who tried to keep all of the juicy pears to himself instead of sharing them. Well, food was put on the earth for all enjoy. Nobody has the right to be selfish with what is meant everyone.” And then all of the animals sat in the shade of the big pear tree and happily feasted on the delicious fruit . . . together. Unfortunately, at the base of this tree was a very mean tiger. (Paragraph 2)What does the opposite meaning of the word ‘mean’?